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Aircraft Noise

Noise from Aircraft in Vista Lakes

Does it seem like planes from the nearby Orlando International Airport are always taking off right over Vista Lakes? Has the noise been worse lately?  Wouldn’t you think that they could do something about it?

Yes you would, yes they can, and yes they do! In fact, you may be surprised at the efforts made by the airport authority to minimize noise from aircraft over Vista Lakes. This information was obtained at Aviation Noise Abatement Committee meetings held by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, the entity that runs the airport.

First here is some background information:

So you can see that most of the noise from aircraft is from planes taking off to the north following routes that bring them over Vista Lakes. Not all planes taking off to the north fly over Vista Lakes.

While it may seem that we have planes taking off over us most of the time, actually that is not true!

Because of the higher population density to the north of OIA, the Airport Authority has a policy of taking off to the south whenever possible, even when the wind is from the north if it isn’t too strong, thus taking off with the wind instead of into the wind. In fact, over the course of a year, they average only 15% of take-offs and landings to the north. Please note, however, that this is an average for the whole year; for any given month, the percentage may be higher or lower.

For example, in the late Fall and winter many cold fronts come down over the Florida peninsular which brings us winds from the north, so during these months the percentage of north take-offs may be greater. Also, these are the months when we’re more likely to have our doors and windows open thereby allowing more noise into the house.

So even though it may seem like the noise is constant, actually we only get the really loud aircraft noise a small percentage of the time. Of course that doesn’t help when you’re sitting on your lanai and can’t hear what the person next to you is saying for a few moments, but at least the noise isn’t as constant as we may perceive it to be.

To make a noise complaint or get more information, see (the webmaster is Jerry Harris, a Vista Lakes resident).

[Note: This article has been reviewed for accuracy by OIA officials.]

Jim Shelton
Communications Committee

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