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Lee Vista Construction Projects

There are currently two construction activities on Lee Vista Boulevard. They may both be related to recent activities relating to the development of the Vista East property which borders Vista Lakes. See the October 2015 issue of the Vista Lakes newsletter for these recent activities, and a letter posted on http://VistaLakesFl.com from someone connected with the owner of the Vista East parcel.

One construction activity is laying a new 30 inch sanitary sewer line in the middle of Lee Vista Blvd. starting at the Econlockhatchee Trail and going east. The new line extends far beyond Vista Lakes. Sanitary sewer lines carry sewage from lift stations which receive sewage from homes and pumps it to the Orange County sewage treatment plant.

The other project is that AT&T laying a new fiber-optic line beside Lee Vista near the child care facility and beyond.

The pictures were taken July 29, 2015.

This is part of the sewer line construction site just east of the Econ, looking west.
Looking East
This is looking east. The big blue pipe sections is what’s being buried. They are 30 inches in diameter and made of PVC. The white pipe along the median carries the water sucked up out of the ground to try and dry it out.
Lift Station
This is the lift station on Lee Vista several hundred yards east of Route 417. Sanitary sewage (which isn’t very sanitary) flows from the buildings here where it is pumped to the Orange County sewage treatment facility. The light colored enclosure inside the fence on the right is a stand-by generator so sewage is pumped during a power outage.
Here is another view of the pipe, and in the background you can see a fork lift bringing two more sections; each 20 foot section weighs 300 pounds.
Moving Pipe
The fork lift at work.
This is one of the pumps that is sucking water out of the ground to dry it a little so they can dig trenches; the larger hose moves the water to a storm sewer. There is a strong odor of hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell) from the ground water. (See the July 2015 newsletter to learn how the Orange County Utilities Commission removes the hydrogen sulfide from our drinking water).
Water Table
The level of the water table is the level of our lakes and retention ponds after the level stabilizes after a rain. You can see how high it is in this picture which shows standing water in this field which normally is dry (this field is on Lee Vista several hundred yards east of Route 417; it has three “rent-a-cows” in it). When they dig the trenches, when they hit this level, just a few feet below the street as you can see, water seeps into the trench and can collapse the walls.
To prevent this, they install a huge metal structure in the trench which shores up the walls.
Shoring Exposed
This is how it looks when it’s installed. They need to install this for deep trenches, such as near the Econ; some of the trenches are just a few feet deep and they don’t need the shoring.
AT&T Fiber
Here is the AT&T fiber-optic cable being laid.
AT&T Fiber
This is so far unconfirmed, but these cables may well deliver AT&T U-verse service to Vista Lakes.
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