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Landscaping Tips

As the warm weather returns each spring we all start to get out in the yard more and want to make changes and additions to our landscape.

Here are some plant suggestions and basics for planting, mulching and watering.


Planting: The biggest mistake people make when putting plants in the ground is that they are planted too deep, so if you follow these instructions you shouldn’t have this problem. For containerized plants dig a hole 6” wider than the root ball and make sure the hole is not deeper than the root ball, in fact you want the root ball to be slightly higher out of the ground also make sure the bottom of the hole has been compacted to prevent future settling. When you pull the plant out of the container, check to see if it is root bound. I if it is you may need to make a few cuts and or loosen the root ball. After you place the plant in the ground check the depth again and then start to back fill in the hole with an amended soil mixture of 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 manure, 1/3 existing (native) soil. W, water as you do this until you reach ground level. Now its time to add a Slow Release even blend fertilizer like a 10-10-10 around the root ball - usually no more that a hand full for smaller plants. By doing this it will help the plants establish quicker.

Mulching: Mulching does several things. I it helps hold in the moisture, it helps with weed control and it improves the overall appearance of your landscape. There are several types of mulch and but they as they are all similar in function, about the same what it basically boils down to be personal preference in appearance. When installing the mulch it is best to have a 2” to 3” depth. M make sure you avoid putting it on or directly against the base or the crown of the plants this will cause crown rot.

Watering: The most common mistake people make when watering is that they over water. The following is a basic rule of thumb when watering your grass and plants. Water less often but for a longer period of time, what we mean by this is the spray zones should be set at 15 to 20 minutes and the rotor zones should be set at 45 to 60 minutes. In the cooler months once a week in the hot summer mouths twice a week (in the absence of rain). I if we are getting frequent rain then shut off the irrigation system but don’t forget to turn it back on when the rain stops. You also need to inspect your irrigation system monthly to make sure you are getting proper coverage and that the sprinkler heads aren’t missing or broken.

Happy Gardening!

J. Robbin Bigelow
Servello & Son Landscape Solutions
[Servello and Son is the landscaper for Vista Lakes]

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