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Committees Responsibilities and Authority

April 18, 2007

The key responsibility of Board appointed committees is oversight of specific areas as defined in the Vista Lakes Community Association Governance Organization, approved on January 17, 2007.

“The Board shall establish committees as provided by the By-Laws. The Board shall formally appoint committee members and chairs once they are identified. The Board retains the authority to remove any chair or committee member should it prove necessary. The Board shall provide oversight to all committees. The authority of the committees shall not exceed that specifically granted by the Board, and the Board retains the right to approve all committee decisions unless prohibited by the By-Laws and noted herein.”

Committee authority includes:

  1. Providing oversight of staff activities
  2. Reviewing existing policy and procedures and recommend changes to the Board
  3. Developing new procedures if required for Board approval
  4. Monitoring staff spending plans and actuals against approved budget line items
  5. Generating minutes of meetings to document actions and recommendations
  6. Committee Chairperson bringing emergency requests to the President and Board
  7. Using common sense
  8. Providing open communications
  9. Researching process improvement
  10. Driving for consensus within the committee

Committee authority does not include:

  1. Directing staff on a daily basis
  2. Approving expenses that were not approved by the Board
  3. Approving expenses that exceed the approved spending levels
  4. Implementing policy that has not been reviewed by the Board
  5. Negotiating contracts

VLCA President or Vice President:

  1. Facilitate committee activities especially if two or more committee are involved
  2. Assist committee chairpersons as requested
  3. Provide guidance

VLCA Board:

  1. Establish and approve budget
  2. Review and approve committee recommendations, policies and procedures
  3. Modify budget line item as appropriate
  4. Review and approve non funded items
  5. Review and evaluate staff performance
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