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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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How can I pay my HOA dues?

VLCA dues may be paid in several ways:

Please see your coupon book for instructions on how to set up “Online Bill Pay” and “Association Pay” payments. Online Bill Pay costs $9.95 and is suitable for single, one-time payments; Association Pay payments are set up to be recurring, automatic payments. All payments must be made in U.S. funds, in accordance with the instructions.

Quarterly VLCA assessments are due on the 1st of January, April, July and October.

ID Cards

Swimming Pools


Municipal Services

Police/Law & Order

How can I find out the status of my account? Please contact Castle Group Management Company at 954-792-6000 with your name, address and account number (if you have it) to find out if your account is currrent. If your account is carrying a balance, you may be denied entry into Vista Lakes' amenities and events.

Does the HOA recommend any service providers for residents?

Please note that the Vista Lakes Board of Directors does not recommend or endorse any contractors providing services directly to residents. If you receive any communication from any service providers stating that the Board has approved, contracted with, or endorsed their services for Vista Lakes homeowners, please contact the

When does the VLCA publish its newsletter?

Newsletters have been mailed to every household in January, April, July and October and can also be viewed online. In future, newsletters will be published on a “funds available” basis.

Can I choose any color to paint my house?

No. Residents must select one fo the approved color schemes.

Do I need to submit an ARC application to repaint my house the same color?

No. If you are repainting the outside of your house and not changing the color, you do not need to submit an ARC application.

Where can I obtain a gate opener for my gated neighborhood?

Gate Openers are available from the Community Manager at the Residents' Club during office hours. They may also be purchased at the Pool Office during scheduled pool hours (payable by check only).

What is being done to maintain abandoned properties in the community?

The staff monitor all homes within the community and take action as issues start to appear. This action includes violation notices from both the Association and the City of Orlando Code Enforcement. Although homes may be empty, the state requires notices be attempted as a first course of action. After the process of sending 3 notices from the management office, the property will be scheduled for mowing by either the Association or the City of Orlando. The cost of this maintenance is billed directly back to the property owner and a lien may be placed on the property so that these expenses can be recovered when the property is sold. This process is time consuming, but is required by our Governing Documents and the State of Florida.
Although it may be upsetting to receive a letter for weeds in your planter beds when the house down the street has grass a foot high, please remember that having residents address these issues promptly allows us to focus our time and effort on the abandoned properties and hopefully minimize their impact on the overall community.

Will a resident directory be available on

Due to privacy issues, adding a resident directory would result in at least part of the web site having to be secured, requiring ID's and passwords to be issued. The additional workload, cost, and complexity of providing this feature is currently considered to outweigh the benefits of providing a directory, particularly as several alternatives are available including the telephone directory, and online resources such as (*) and (*)

Where is the leasing office for the apartments?

There are no apartments in Vista Lakes. All of the properties are owned by individuals.

What are the regulations regarding For Sale and For Rent signs?

Signs in residents yards are governed by the VLCA. Please see the guidelines for realtor signs and the specifications for For Sale signs and For Rent signs.

How can I make an estoppel request?

Estoppel requests for Vista Lakes can be ordered through the Castle Group Management Company. For more information contact

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ID Cards  

How do I get Vista Lakes ID cards for my family?

A Vista Lakes identification card is required in order to use the pools and parks. I.D. cards are issued by pool staff during the hours of operation of the pools. You must bring a picture I.D. (Drivers license with current address or school I.D.). If you are applying for new I.D. you must bring your mortgage or lease and one other form of verification of address such as a utility bill with your name and current Vista Lakes’ address.

Why do guests 18 years and older have to carry a picture ID?

Please refer to the Pool Rules

How do I get a guest pass?

Please refer to the Pool Rules

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What recreational facilities are available for residents?

A variety of facilities are available to Vista Lakes’ residents. Please see the Recreation page for more details.

Why are there so many rules at Vista Lakes?

The rules (which residents agree to when signing at closing on their home purchase) are designed to keep Vista Lakes as desirable as it was when it attracted us all to live in this community. Pool rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Amenities Committee as they deem necessary to insure the safe and pleasant operation of the amenities at Vista Lakes.

Who do I contact when I want to plan a block party in my neighborhood?

If you live in a non-gated neighborhood, the City’s Neighborhood Services Office will provide you with the needed forms(*) and explain the do’s and don’ts of having a block party. You may contact them at (407) 246-2169. For gated neighborhoods, please contact the

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Swimming Pools  

Why are swim diapers required for children under 3?

Florida Statute Chapter 471 64E-9: “to help prevent disease, sanitary nuisances, and accidents by which the health or safety of an individual may be threatened or impaired”.

Why are swimmies/floaties not allowed in the pool?

Inflatable arm-bands are allowed in the pool area. All other floatation devices must be “Coast Guard Approved”, similar to other public pools in Florida.

Why are balloons not allowed at the pool pavilion?

Balloons can be very hazardous to the pool equipment and filtering system, and can result in unscheduled pool closures and/or costly equipment repairs.

Why can’t I float face down or horse play in the pool?

Any behaviors which may be dangerous, distract life guards from real emergencies, or interfere with other residents’ use of the pool violate the published pool rules and therefore will not be tolerated.

Why am I only allowed 5 guests at the pool? Can I pay to bring more in?

The facilities are provided for the residents’ benefit, and are subject to maximum occupancy restrictions, therefore guest access is restricted so as to minimize the chance of having to turn away residents.

Why can’t I drop off my guest at the pool and leave them?

Please refer to the Pool Rules

Why doesn’t Central Park or Horizons have pool privileges at the Amenities Center?

Central Park and Horizons have their own pools, and so the pools at the Amenities Center were not built to accommodate those residents, who therefore pay lower HOA fees.

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Municipal Services  

On what days can I irrigate my landscaping?

    During Daylight Savings Time
  During Eastern Standard Time
Odd-Numbered Homes   Wednesday & Saturday   Saturday
Even-Numbered Homes   Thursday & Sunday   Sunday

Irrigation should be performed between the hours of 4:00 pm and 10:00 am.
Always use less than 60 minutes per zone on your designated day
If you have an area of new grass or plants, you may water that area every day for the first 30 days, and every other day for the next 30 days (you may be asked to produce receipts to prove when grass/plants were purchased).
If you need to test your irrigation system you may do this at any time for up to 10 minutes per zone, but you must be present in the tested area during that time.

If you are using reclaimed water:
You may water on Tuesday & Friday between 8:00pm and 9:00am
This change is in an effort to conserve water and will be in effect until further notice.

Where is the local Post Office?

7360 Curry Ford Road, at the juntion of Curry Ford Road and Goldenrod Road. The phone number is (407) 277-3501.

How do I obtain recycling bins?

Please see the City of Orlando - Solid Waste Management, Residential Recycling Bin Request (*)

What items can be placed in recycling bins?

Please see the Adobe Acrobat City of Orlando - Solid Waste Management, Residential Recycling Regulations (*)

On what day are recycling bins emptied?


On what day is trash collected?

Tuesdays. If you have items too large to fit in your trash bin, schedule a large item pick-up at*)

On what day is yard waste collected?


How do I report street lights that are damaged or not working?

Call Progress Energy at (407) 629-1010 and provide the adjacent address and/or pole number, or complete the Streetlight Repair Form(*).

How can I stop telephone directories being delivered to my house?

Please see the Yellow Pages Goes Green(*) web site.

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Police/Law & Order  

Who do I contact about barking dogs?

Contact Animal Control at (407) 836-3111

How do we get more police patrols in our neighborhood?

Call 911 whenever you see any illegal or suspicious activity (Patrol levels depend on the number of "calls to action")

What should I do if I see any suspicious behavior?

Call 911 (Patrol levels depend on the number of "calls to action")

What should I do if I have a minor accident in a parking lot or private property?

Orlando Police Department has partnered with local businesses and provided their security officers with accident forms. Citizens may complete this form (also available via the OPD web site at (*) or FHP web site at*)

How should I report minor infractions such as lost property, vandalism or harassing phone calls?

Minor infractions that do not require a police response may be reported online at (*), via telephone at (407) 246-2470, or in person at 100 S. Hughey Avenue.

Where do I complain about congested traffic or careless drivers in my neighborhood?

Dial the Traffic Hotline at (407) 246-2906 and leave a recorded message including the location, time, and the nature of the problem you are encountering. If you would like to meet with one of our Traffic Enforcement Officers, please leave your name, telephone number and the best time to call you, and we will schedule an appointment.

How do I find out about criminal activity in my neighborhood?

Go to the Crime & Law Enforcement page of this web site.

Where do I complain about drug sales at a residence or business in Orlando?

Call the CRACK TIP-LINE at (407) 246-CRAK or (407) 246-2725. While the information may be left anonymously, we may need more information. A return phone number and name will be most helpful. Be sure to include the exact address, descriptions of the people involved (names if known), involved vehicle descriptions, primary times/days of activity and description of activity.

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(*) Clicking these links will take you to a web site not maintained by the VLCA and therefore the VLCA cannot be held responsible for the content displayed.
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