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The map below shows the neighborhoods and recreational facilities as well as the Publix Shopping Center that is within Vista Lakes. Note that the elementary school, shown as “Proposed” on the map, has been built and is operational; it is named the Vista Lakes Elementary School.

Vista Lakes consists of fourteen neighborhoods: eleven have detached houses; two have condominiums (Horizons and Central Park); and one has town homes (Gentry Park). Five of the neighborhoods with detached houses as well as Horizons are gated. When all construction is completed, there will be a total of 2,185 homes in Vista Lakes: 1,531 detached houses, 414 condominiums and 240 town homes.

Two neighborhoods, Central Park and Horizons, have their own pools and therefore are not entitled to use the pools at the Residents' Club. Conversely, only residents of Central Park and Horizons are entitled to use the pools in their respective neighborhoods. Other than the pools, all residents of Vista Lakes are entitled access to the Residents' Club, parks, trails, events and activities.

Central Park, Gentry Park and Horizons each have their own homeowners association to which their respective residents belong in addition to belonging to the Vista Lakes Community Association that serves as the master homeowners association.

Each neighborhood has a Neighborhood Representative, elected by the residents in that neighborhood. Click here for more explanation and a list of Neighborhood Representatives.

Click on a neighborhood in the list below for more information about individual neighborhoods.




Central Park



Gentry Park








Community Map Windsor Carlisle Waverly Pembroke Amhurst Champlain Melrose Colonie Newport Avon Central Park Gentry Park Gentry Park Horizons Horizons Warwick
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