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Notices From The Board


Venomous Snakes

Water Moccasin

Please be careful particularly around the lakes and conservation areas in our community as there have been several sightings, and one reported hospitalization due to an attack by a water moccasin.

Water moccasins' (Cottonmouths) bites are extremely painful and can be fatal, though very few humans have died from it. When antagonized, they will stand their ground by coiling their bodies and displaying their fangs. On rare occasions territorial males will approach intruders in an aggressive manner.

Water moccasins have hemotoxic venom, which works by breaking down and destroying tissues and blood cells, reducing the blood’s ability to coagulate or clot. This can cause hemorrhages throughout the circulatory system.

Anyone suffering from a water moccasin bite should seek medical attention immediately. Please also let the Vista Lakes staff know.


Got Gators


Alligators are frequently spotted in the lake sin our community. Please remember that alligators are a natural part of the Florida landscape, and rarely pose a threat if left alone.

Alligators are generally afraid of humans, but please be careful, particularly with children and small animals.

The peak of the mating season is in May/June when gators are more likely to become aggressive, and move from lake to lake in search of a mate.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will not remove alligators unless they are 7ft. long, or aggressive. However, if the FWC are called to remove an alligator, it will be killed, so please only contact them if the alligator exhibits aggressive tendencies.

Our lakes are connected into the St. John's River and alligators will travel large distances to establish their own territory, and so if an alligator is removed, another alligator is likely to move into the area soon afterwards.

Contractors Providing Services

Please note that the Vista Lakes Board of Directors does not recommend or endorse any contractors providing services directly to residents. If you receive any communication from any service providers stating that the Board has approved, contracted with, or endorsed their services for Vista Lakes homeowners, please contact the


Beware of Energy Saving Scams

The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) urges customers to beware of pitches from door-to-door salespeople or unsolicited letters and phone calls that promise unbelieveable savings. Contact the Better Business Bureau before purchasing anything and seek out legitimate third-party validation from sources such as Consumer Reports, university reports or government agency web sites.

The Board also reminds residents that soliciting is not permitted in Vista Lakes, therefore you may also call the Orlando Police Department at (321) 235-5300 to report such activity.

Back to School Safety


Parents waiting to pick up their students from Vista Lakes Elementary or Odyssey Middle School should not park along the side streets of the Vista Lakes community to wait. These are City streets and you may be ticketed by the Orlando Police Department. It is very dangerous for both the children and other vehicle traffic. No Parking areas for student pick up include Amhurst Park, Residents Club, Central Park and the Vista Lakes’ tennis courts and pool area.

Please do not allow your student to remain in Amhurst Park directly before or after school. To be in the park you must be a resident of Vista Lakes, have your Vista Lakes I.D. card, and must 12 years of age or older. Under the age of 12 you must be supervised by an adult 18 years or older. Orlando Police Department will be monitoring the park and are authorized to trespass violators.

If you have any questions or concerns or need Vista Lakes Resident’s I.D please contact the Vista Lakes Community Manager, Monte Brown at 407-207-1241.

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