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Pool Staff

There are a few things that happen when you become a lifeguard at Vista Lakes, and many of these events are experienced right in front of the residents - the first time a tornado knocks you over, taking that perilous step onto the tile resulting in a fall into the pool, and identifying a resident by their car or swimwear. Being on duty in the office or on the guard stand allows for the observation of swimming styles, family units and lunch spreads - but what do you know about the pool staff? Whether you are new to the community or have been here for years, knowing the pool staff at the pool has probably not been on your top-ten list of things to do, and who can blame you?

We tell you not to stop on the slide, that you can’t bring in extra guests and we tell your kids to stop holding each other under the water. For most people, the pool staff are people you have to deal with instead of people that will work to understand your concerns and solve your problems. So let me introduce you to the pool staff.

Dalton Appleby
Dalton is currently the new addition to the Vista Lakes lifeguard team. He’s been working for the good people of the Vista Lakes Community since June. Lifeguarding came easy to this tan, muscular looking dude and he’s been doing it for four years. In high school, he played soccer and ran cross country, but outside of school he surfed and enjoyed the boater’s lifestyle. Orlando is his second home because he moved here with his sister. He currently goes to Valencia College to study to become a Firefighter/Paramedic. He plans on following in his father’s footsteps. Helping others is his calling and if he could make a different person smile everyday he feels fulfilled. This includes any resident of Vista Lakes.
Michael Consuegra
Michael is a lifeguard here at Vista Lakes as well as a duel citizen from the grand ol' countries of the U.S. and its fair neighbor Canada.  He is a UCF student chasing a degree in Computer Sciences and has been lifeguarding for 3 years now. A proud libertarian and one heck of a bowler, Michael is sure to keep you safe as he has time and again boasted of many successful shark saves while at the beach. He recently told me the total number of sharks he has saved is up to a baker’s dozen.  
Marimar Jimenez
Marimar is a new edition to our Vista squad and a promising one at that. She was born in Puerto Rico and was raised here in Orlando. She is a sophomore at Valencia College and is pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences. She will be attending UCF this spring. She is hoping to one day become an ER doctor following her eventual graduation but in the mean time enjoys spending time with her dog and family. Baking is a bit of an addiction.
Jessi Tabarquino
Jessi is a new addition to the lifeguard team and has been killing it, metaphorically speaking, since his inauguration ceremony back in March. He was born in West Palm Beach and moved to Orlando 3 years ago. He is currently studying Biology at Valencia College where he plans to transfer from to UCF in the Spring of next year. He has trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 6 years and as a result has hands that have been deemed as registered weapons by the H.O.A. board. He eventually plans on using those weapons as a Doctor following his eventual graduation as a UCF knight. He has been a great addition to our team here.
Nick Wills
Nick is a supervisor here at Vista Lakes and has been lifeguarding for 7 years now. Being a great fearer of the sun, Nick has boldly fought this flaw by constantly standing by a pool to better condition his mind to accept the sun as a friend and not a foe. He is a student at Seminole State College and transfers to UCF this upcoming Fall Semester. He played soccer in college and has enjoyed his move to Florida from Texas greatly. He is pursuing a degree in Journalism, and we will see how that takes off.
There you have it. Behind our sunglasses and bronzed gladiator like façades are quirks, jokes and eccentricity. I hope that this glimpse of the pool staff allows you to feel more comfortable coming to us with questions or concerns. Don’t let the Baywatch good looks and whistle blowing fool you; the lifeguards of Vista Lakes really do want the best for the community.

Hopefully now you will feel more empathy towards us as we talk down the Tarzan child that feels like climbing the slide, or battle the rush at the pool gate while simultaneously making ID’s and answering the phone. Moreover, remember that when the staff asks you to refrain from doing something we aren’t trying to be stubborn, but are trying to keep you safe.

Article originally written by former Vista Lakes Community Coordinator/Lifeguard Supervisor/Lifeguard, Kelly Allen.

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