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Management of Vista Lakes

The 948 acres of property in Vista Lakes is basically owned by three different entities: private owners of residences and commercial property, the Vista Lakes Community Association (VLCA) and the Vista Lakes Community Development District (CDD).

This map illustrates ownership. How the VLCA and CDD assets are managed and financed is explained below.

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Community Development District (CDD) (*)

Vista Lakes Community Association

The Vista Lakes Community Association, Inc., also called the “Homeowners Association”, “Association” or “HOA”, is comprised of all Vista Lakes homeowners; it is about a $1M dollar a year corporation with almost all income comes from homeowners’ dues and builders’ fees (see the budget). VLCA (meaning all homeowners) owns: the Amenities Center which consists of the pools, buildings, parking lots, tennis courts and surrounding grassy areas; the parks; the streets inside the gated neighborhoods; and various other small areas. Maintenance and improvements of all these areas except the VLCA-owned streets is paid by VLCA. Maintenance of the VLCA-owned streets and the gates for the gated neighborhoods is paid for by the individual neighborhoods through surcharges on their assessments. (The city of Orlando owns and maintains all other streets).

The VLCA is managed by an elected Board of Directors that is comprised of seven residents. As mandated by Florida Statue and our Governing Documents, the Board sets the assessments and budget, establishes the contracts, hires and oversees the staff who do the day-to-day operation of Vista Lakes, and establishes and oversees various committees who serve as “subject matter experts” in their areas of responsibility and make recommendations to the Board.

All Board of Directors meetings are open to the public in accordance with the Florida Sunshine Laws. The Board has meetings four times a year at the Odyssey Middle School at 6:30 pm and workshops (more informal meetings) the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Residents' Club. The first portion of all Board meetings is an open forum period where residents are invited voice their views and question Board members. Residents are welcome and encouraged to observe the remainder of the meetings, but are not allowed to participate in the meetings after the forums are closed unless requested.

The Board endeavors to maintain full and open communications with residents. In addition to the open forums and minutes from Board meetings, the Board communicates through quarterly newsletters, this website, signboards, notices in the mail kiosks and through the Neighborhood Representatives. Residents may contact the Board members via email, by sending emails to the generic , or by leaving a note in the suggestion box at the pool office. Residents may also bring issues to the Board and ask questions through their Neighborhood Representative or a committees.

To manage the Vista Lakes day-to-day activities the Board has a full time Community Manager whose broad responsibilities, executed under the direction of the Board President, include handling the contracts, running activities, supporting committees, and supervising the administrativem maintenance and pool staffs.

Vista Lakes also has a small maintenance staff that is responsible for incidental maintenance activities for VLCA. (Landscaping, irrigation, pool and some other maintenance is done by contractors under contract to the VLCA).


Vista Lakes Community Development District

The Vista Lakes Community Development District (CDD) owns and maintains properties including the median strips and land along the sides of Lee Vista Boulevard and Chickasaw Trail, the signature walls and gates as well as some other walls, the retention ponds and lakes including the land surrounding them, and the conservation areas. See this map for details.

Community Development Districts are local units of a special-purpose government entity created in accordance with Florida statutes for the purpose of financing and managing the acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of the basic infrastructure for communities like Vista Lakes. The basic infrastructure includes roads, streetlights, bridges, culverts, walls, water supply, sanitary sewage, wastewater management, storm sewers and retention ponds. The Vista Lakes CDD was established in February 2000.

The Vista Lakes CDD issued bonds to finance their efforts. Money for bond principle and interest payments as well as operating and maintenance expenses comes from payments from residents and owners of commercial properties. We pay this money when we pay our annual tax bills. The “non-ad valorem” assessment on your tax bill is the CDD assessment.

The Vista Lakes CDD is managed by a five member Board of Supervisors. Currently there are three Vista Lakes residents on the Board. The Board meets the second Thursday of February, May, August and November at 10:00 am at the Vista Lakes Residents' Club, 8841 Lee Vista Blvd., Orlando. Meetings are open to the public with a portion of each meeting is devoted to audience comments and questions.

The Vista Lakes CDD has contracted with Severn Trent to manage the maintenance and operation of CDD assets in Vista Lakes.

For more information on CDDs, please see the Vista Lakes CDD website(*). (Some of the information above came from the CDD website).


(*) Clicking these links will take you to a web site not maintained by the VLCA and therefore the VLCA cannot be held responsible for the content displayed.
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